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January 15, 2006
I am building a HTPC. This PC will have no other uses other than to be a PVR, DVD, MP3, Picture player. No gaming i have a rig designed just for that.
So here is my question.
I am looking at the following right now and trying to keep the cost low as i have most of the items (HD, Processor, case, 256mb ram, 1 PVR 150 Retail and MCE, Video card)

AMD Sempron 2800+ 64 edition (will OC to 2 ghz)
At least 512 (more like 764)mb of Ram.
1 40 Gig ATA drive for the OS (windows XP Pro)
1 250 Gig SATA drive for the recordings and MP3 and so forth.
1 PVR-150 Retail
1 PVR-150MCE
ATI X700 Pro 128mb Video card with TV out or a X600 256 MB Pro with TV out

Have both and am using the X600 in another rig but i can swap it

Motherboard is yet to be determined but i will us the OB sound for now.
Case i have one for now. Looking at Nvidia Chipset or the ATI XPress 200

depending if i am unlucky with the PVR-150's i might get the usb-uirt as well, but my setup box has serial (that works) as well.

I will not have a monitor hooked up to this unit other than to install, after that it will be connected to the TV Only . HDTV is not a worry right now (or in the next year)

Now on the Motherboard anyone have experiance with MP and the Xpress 200 Especialy with 2 PVR cards?

Any suggestions would be great.

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  • February 16, 2005
    I'm guessing you are talking about the uATX boards with built in GFx using the ATi x200 chip.
    I don't use one, but many people here do and are happy with it. MSI makes one that is wuite popular here.

    Things to be aware of... If you get a board like this with the x200 gfx buil in, you won't need to use your other GFx card. Anything that is fully DX9 compliant will work well. You won't really get a benefit from a super card over a regular one. I'm using an NVidia GF5200 which would suck greatly for gaming but works great with MP.

    NVidia also make a great HTPC board too. The 6150 range.

    Both these mobo's cost around AUS$140 which is cheaper than a regular motherboard anyway. Then you can sell your other GFx card on eBay and it will almost pay for the motherboard.

    Same goes with your CPU, it will be great for MP. Most people wouldn't overclock it because that will just make extra heat and noise. CPU cycles are not as important for HTPC as quiet and low heat are.

    If you do get a uATX board, just bear in mind that the most PCI slots you can get are 3. You'll be using two for your two PVR 150's.


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    April 13, 2005
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    If you chose a motherboard with on board video adapter you should make sure that the TV-OUT is available. On some boards you need to purchase the TV-OUT module separately. The same goes for on board sound card make sure the board has the connections you need ;)

    Regards / Tomas


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    January 15, 2006
    I do not plan to use the ON board chipset.
    But i think i agree with Marcusb and i will look for a full size board.
    The case i will use will be temporary for now. And looking at the HTPC cases avaliable 90% can handle full size boards. As i may want to replace the OB sound at sometime i will need 3 PCI slots.
    Thanks for the Ideas.

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