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I did some experimentation on the home.xml and managed to change some aspect of the home menu (expand the menu area, etc). However, I would like to do some more thing. In light that there is no proper documentation on skin editing plus the skin editor is still under development, can some one here be so kind enough to give me a few pointer to what I want to acheive?

I have limited number of functions needed in MP, so, I would disable those that I am not using and want all the rest (about 6, I think) to display fixed on the main menu. I manage to do that by expanding the menu area and reduce the spacing between menu item. However, the visual effect is a bit off.

I would like to know how I can:

1. Disable menu scrolling.
2. Make the selection bar jump from last item to first item and vice versa when it reach last or top item.
3. While reducing the menu item spacing, adjust the selection bar (the green highlight for Blue Two skin) to center on the menu item.
4. Reorder the menu items.
5. Rename the menu items.
6. Remove "My Plugins" (even I disable all item in My Plugins, this item will still show).

Thank you very much.


Hi MPod,

Do you mean using the configure.exe and look into plugins section? I did that by highlighting the row for home plugin and click on setup, it prompt me there is nothing to setup (or something like that). I am using though. Did I miss out something?


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