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April 22, 2009
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I had a PC custom built so I could integrate it into a HTPC. I have a Hauppage tuner card, although I am unsure as to which model (anyone know how to find this out? I looked through the system tab but was unable to find it and it is not in my build documentation as I went through an independent builder). I need to hook this up to my TV and I already have my cable running through the card, but I would like to know how to set it up. I'm so-so when it comes to technical lingo and the configuration page for the tuner through media portal was not making sense. Can someone help me understand how to setup this card with Media Portal? Everything else with the program works great I just want to polish it off with this step. Thanks.

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    You should be using TVServer, this should auto-detect the card, if drivers are installed.

    Start Menu, right click on computer, select manage, then Device manager, your TV card should show up under sound video and game controllers.


    See here for more details TV-Server/Configuration - MediaPortal Manual Documentation


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    So Hauppauge has several types of cards. The simplest way is to shutdown your pc, open it up and inspect the card. If you can't read the card due to its placement in the case, remove the card to get a better look at the name and/or model number. If you are uncomfortable doing this you may not be ready to setup and maintain a TV server setup.

    Once you have that information and have read through the forums/wiki for how-tos or others experiences, gather all your specs and repost. Let those who would help you know what type of machine you are running ie, processor, memory, tv cards, etc. It is also common to provide logs from MP to provide more insight.

    Good luck.


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    April 22, 2009
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    Thanks for the help so far. Looking back at the configuration setup for the server, I think what threw me off the most is the login information. The location was already detected like was mentioned above, I just don't have the password to continue. I searched through my registry to see if I could find the file with server passwords, as I saw on another site sometimes that could be the case. Does anyone know where I might have gotten this password or where I could find it?

    Also, here are my internal specs:

    AMD Sempron 3000+
    Geforce 6100 motherboard micro ATX with onboard video and audio
    1 GB DDR2 800 memory
    Oh and sorry about the mistake, but its an ATI WinTV 680 video capture card. Forgot I made that last minute change when I had the machine built.

    And the log file:
    2009-04-22 12:11:58.734375 [SetupTv]: ---- SetupTv v0.9.2.19657 is starting up on Windows XP (Service Pack 3) ----
    2009-04-22 12:11:58.734375 [SetupTv]: ---- check connection with database ----
    2009-04-22 12:11:59.125000 [SetupTv]: ---- ask user for connection details ----
    2009-04-22 22:54:34.531250 [SetupTv]: ---- SetupTv v0.9.2.19657 is starting up on Windows XP (Service Pack 3) ----
    2009-04-22 22:54:34.531250 [SetupTv]: ---- check connection with database ----
    2009-04-22 22:54:34.718750 [SetupTv]: ---- ask user for connection details ----
    2009-04-22 23:00:42.859375 [SetupTv]: SetupDatabaseForm: Added dependency for TvService - SQLBrowser

    I will still look at documentation but I'm not sure how much farther I'll get until I get past this login on the configuration test. Thanks yall.


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    March 17, 2008
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    the standard password for the DBs are "MediaPortal" the user should be ok (sa in MSSQL case and root in MySql's casse)

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