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August 9, 2007
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I have two problems after updating to MP I have cracks in the sound. It sounds like a bad amplifier that is playing too loud. I us the Asio-player. It worked fine in MP . The second problem occured when I tried to look at the settings in the MP configurator. I get an error messagewhen I want to look at my plugins or when I try to save changes in the settings. The error message is: Failed to locate assembly 'Bass.Net, Version=, Culture=Neutral, PublicKeyToken=b7566c273e6ef480' Note that te configurator program must be executed from/reside in the MediaPortal folder, the execution will now end. After that it shuts down. Can anyone help me? Thanks.


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January 16, 2008
Hi !

I just had this same problem, it comes from the pureaudio plugin, just delete pureaudio.dll from the plugins/windows folder and configuration works fine, i hope there will be soon an update for this plugin, i didn't check its forum yet.


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