sound goes pop! after every sound on HDMI (1 Viewer)


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September 16, 2005
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Hi there

I am _so_ close at having a flawless htpc, except for one annoying thing:

After every sound played theres a following "pop!".

I have, as you can see from my systemspecs., an Windows 7 NVIDIA ION based EB1501 connected through HDMI to an AVR Marantz 5003 amplifier.

I have googled the issue alot but have only found a handful of people with similar problems. Some think, and I have the same feeling, that it is a problem with the audio link being terminated after a sound has been played. Does anybody here have a solution, similar experiences or just some ideas to try out?

Best regards

ok after submitting the previous post I just turned on the system and the popping was gone... weird...

my theory is now after reading the blog below that the system maybe reverted to MS HDMI audio drivers and after a while reverted back to the NVIDIA drivers, which is currently in use on my system. If the problem comes back I will try have a look at which driver is in use at the time.
HDMI Audio popping noises on ATI Graphics Card - fixed!

Best regards

Paranoid Delusion

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  • June 13, 2005
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    Try the latest nvidia drivers, pretty sure 5.1 over hdmi has just been introduced, which may resolve the issue.


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    September 16, 2005
    Denmark Denmark
    1stdead is it using the ATI hdmi driver?

    Paranoid Delusion I think surround over hdmi has worked for a while now, I had an older NVIDIA gfx card with hdmi a while back before the eb1501 where surround worked perfectly. My problem was that every sound was followed by a pop like a dc-pop from an analog connected soundcard, except in my case I think its the digital audio link which is terminated after every played sound. The problem is magically gone now...

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