<spinCanFocus>no</spinCanFocus> not working in playlistcontrol and filmstrip (1 Viewer)


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    Well, the title says it all :)

    OK, for a more in-depth analysis, we need a few things here:

    - <spinCanFocus>no</spinCanFocus> must work in all facadeviews.

    - It should be possible to press right in a playlistcontrol to set focus on an element to the right of the spincontrol. At the moment, you have to press right to focus the spincontrol, then press up to set focus on the element to the right (in this case a button).

    For filmstrip the only thing missing is <spinCanFocus>no</spinCanFocus>.


    EDIT: If you have a playlist that is short (so the spincontrols aren't shown) then you can't navigate to the right AT ALL. Major bummer for us designing a skin that has the menu to the right of the facadecontrol.

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