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December 14, 2005
hallo, lately I'd hard reset PC and therefore I don't remember the steps that I had followed in order to make the following operation: to directly start provdvb from mp (from programs section). If I remember well,I had to enter here in the mp plugin section -->enable my programs -- Setup --> add child --> and the ass falls... :(
I think that must add to something type "rows launcher" and from here, in the section details, must give a name to the rows launcher and in the section "launching application" go to select progdvb.exe....
At least therefore I believed but, unfortunately, following how much as soon as written, in mp, in the section programs, the name of the rows launching, but if I click on it doesn't work and doesn't start progdvb. Moreover, I had put in my pc a directory with two DLL (MceIr and MCERemote) that I think work with, but I don't remeber like....
Someone can help me?

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