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December 9, 2007

If it works, don't fix it... that's what i'm hearing every time i plan to upgrade my MP.

I'm using the last RC prior to the 1.0 since almost six months ago... i broke my head several times to get the 23.9 mkv's work without the juddering on my Panasonic TH42PX (not a 24Hz stuff) and MyTVseries is fully loaded with fancy art, as long of all my avi (nearly 200). My wife knows how to put a video to my son, and everything seems to be so comfortable right now.

What i need is some answers...
1. Should i update my RC MP?
2. If yes... just say that i don't, in any way, want to reinstall windows from scratch. So...
3. I think i know the location of most of the database files with their jpgs and stuff, but, are those files compatible with the new MP 1.0? Is myTVSeries pluging working like my outdated version?
4. I'm using Reclock, ffdshow, a NAS mounted over the net for the videos... i guess MP 1.0 will need a new conf file, so the one i have is useless... is it right?

Anyone has upgrade recently to MP1.0 and wants to share his experience?

Thank you.


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December 15, 2008
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You need to ask yourself why you want to upgrade. If everything works well at the moment and everything is configured properly why would you bother upgrading? On the other hand if MP crashes a lot, and there are things that you can't configure properly in the RC then you should upgrade.

When i went from RC4 -> 1.0 Final, all my MyTVSeries thumbs and database stuff worked fine as I am still using the same version of that plugin. The new version only took me about an hour to fully configure and works fine and only crashes about once a week which I consider acceptable.

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