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The option to stream the capture card output and have the ability to change channels via a remote request using either .NET remoting or Web Service. Another request could give the list of possible chanels. With this in place a system like XboxMediaCenter could display live tv via the stream from the MediaPortal box and remotely control the tuner.


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August 25, 2004
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I'm working on a plugin that allows you to change channels and to get channel info and program info etc. Do a search under 'External Control Plugin II'. It works via .NET remoting, but I'm going to wrap it in a web service as well.

As for streaming live TV, there was a developer working on this, but he seems to have dropped off the radar, but I think frodo is picking this up.



Just the ability to do Record or Stream within TV would be fantastic. Then if stream was selected being able to change channels on the tuner that is streaming would make this awesome. Since the guide data is in XML already exposing that via a web service should not be hard, then just the ability to add a recording to the queue would enable the media portal to become a media server for the whole house including live tv.

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