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February 6, 2006
First let me say I just ran across this program and I think I may be switching to Media Portal in the near future. However I am having a problem I am hoping someone else may have a solution to. What I am trying to do till I can switch is stream my content from my main MCE 2005 PC in my living room to my Media Portal PC which is in my room. I have shared my Video and Recorded TV folders on my MCE to the DVD Menu in the Media Portal Settings and My Xvid/Divx Movies and Music Videos Stream with no problem at all. However I can't seem to get my Recorded Tv shows (dvr-ms I think) to stream without major stuttering. My Media Portal system is:

Atholon 1.7 mhz processor, ATI 8500 Radeon (128 mb ram), Over a gig of PC 2700 Ram, 120 gig HD. Netgear 108 mbps internal network card.

My wireless router is a Netgear 108 mbps A+G Router (Currently only using G)

I am not interested in watching live tv in my room I only want to be able to watch my movies,videos and Recorded TV on the system above. So If anyone has any ideas of a solution to stop the stuttering I would really appreciate it. Also Is there a way to point my recorded folder on my MCE to MY TV instead of MY Video in Media Portal.

Thank you in advance for all your help.


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    Itll most likely depend on the actual throughput of the wireless system, not the theoretical numbers they produce. We have a 125mb Belkin system here and using it to stream it 2-way (client->wireless->client) over the wireless is only just enough to keep it smooth.

    Streaming it one way (client -> wireless -> wired -> client) is plenty fast and is perfect. It seems that it maxes out for us around 4.5mb/sec which would equate to 2.25mb/sec when moving data 2-ways.

    As far as working out, SDTV would come out at approxately 1.5-1.8mb/sec (might have worked it out wrong though).

    Id suggest connecting both computers together with cat5 first to just elimate another possible factors and see if it still stutters.

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