[Videos] Stutter on start of movie (24p) after refresh rate change (1 Viewer)


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May 19, 2007
Netherlands Netherlands
TV-Server Version: 1.1 Beta 1
MediaPortal Version: 1.1 Beta 1
MediaPortal Skin: X-Factor r247
Windows Version: Windows 7 RTM
CPU Type: Intel Core2Quad Q9550S
HDD: Samsung Spinpoint 1TB
Memory: 8GB Corsair Memory
Motherboard: ASUS Striker II Formula
Video Card: Asus GeForce GTX 280 TOP
Video Card Driver: 190.** (latest)
Sound Card: Auzentech X-Fi Prelude 7.1
Sound Card AC3:
Sound Card Driver: Latest (first W7 compatible one)
1. TV Card: Twinhan Mantis Cab-CI 2033
1. TV Card Type: DVB-C
1. TV Card Driver:
2. TV Card:
2. TV Card Type:
2. TV Card Driver:
3. TV Card:
3. TV Card Type:
3. TV Card Driver:
4. TV Card:
4. TV Card Type:
4. TV Card Driver:
MPEG2 Video Codec: all
MPEG2 Audio Codec: all
h.264 Video Codec: all
Satelite/CableTV Provider: Ziggo
HTPC Case: -
Cooling: air
Power Supply: Gigabyte Odin 800 GT
Remote: Logitech Harmony 525
TV: Sony KDL40-W3000
TV - HTPC Connection: DVI-HDMI

When I try to play a movie in for example the moving pictures plugin I experience (very) choppy video playback.
However sometimes when fiddling around with other programs while the video is playing, the video will suddenly stop stuttering and start playing 100% stutter free. Logs of one occurance (where I do not fiddle with other windows) are attached. I suspect that the refresh rate changer has something to do with this.

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