[confirm] Stuttering of MP Menu & Video & TV after Wakeup from Standby (1 Viewer)


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February 1, 2006
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I am using Powerscheduler to send my Singleseat Win7 machine to standby (not hibernate) after 10 minutes with no activity. If I wakeup the PC there is a horrible stuttering when scrolling through the basic home menu, even if I start TV or a video I have this stutter.

A restart of MP is not helping, only after a reboot of the PC the stuttering is gone. Perhaps this could be DirectX related? I know there where problems with reinitializing the DirectX components after a wakeup, but as far as I remember a restart of MP should have fixed this. Unfortunately it don't with RC3 :(

Attached the logs.



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    AW: Stuttering of MP Menu & Video & TV after Wakeup from Standby

    Hey nicx,

    I see a few bug reports from you. Please disable whole mdapi and report back. I bet no dev will take a look at your issue if he spots the mdapi in the logs.


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    February 1, 2006
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    is it possible that the stuttering of the mp menu after wakeup has to do with mdapi? i dont think so ;) but i will disable it only for you :)


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