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September 19, 2006
Sweden Sweden
Anyone else than me that has problems with watching timeshifted video in 1.0.1?

After watching about 15 minutes of timeshifted video strem (timehift 25 minutes) I started to get some stuttering. It got worse and after approximately 3 minutes it was impossible to watch anymore. Stopped timeshifting and then went back 25 minutes in time and now the stutter was gone.

...after about 15 minutes stuttering started again...

I can think of two reasons:
- watching timeshifted video eats memory (temporary memory "leak")
- problems with accessing the files in the harddrive.

I'll try to reproduce the problem later when the rest of the family is not using the client and get logs, but just wanted to know whether it is a previously known bug (couldn't find it when searching the fora though).

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