Suggestion: Add logos as in MP-TV Series plugin? (1 Viewer)


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January 1, 2009
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The one thing that I most miss from this plugin is the ability to look at the selected movie and see if that particular movie is in SD or HD resolution and if it has subtitles or not.

What do you think of adding some logos thing somewhat like the MP-TV Series plugin?

Or is there anyway around to accomplish what I'm looking for?


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July 21, 2006
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Mediainfo support is planned for a later release. Dont remember at the moment wich release it was planned for, but i think it's a little while out. fforde knows for sure :)


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June 7, 2007
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Yeah it is planned. Currently it is scheduled for version 1.1 but I think that is probably not accurate. All the priorities for issues 0.8+ are a little skewed right now. Over the last month or so we have picked up a few more developers, and some priorities have just shifted. So I would probably expect this, at the latest, included in a 1.0 release. After we get 0.7 out I am going to go through the issue list and shuffle a few things around.

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