Support for AOL TV, Shoutcast TV or NSV streams etc? (1 Viewer)


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May 19, 2005
Sydney, Straya.
Hi Folks,

I've been using Media Portal quietly now for a while - it's been great! But now more and more I'm closing down MP, opening Winamp and watching loads of the interesting streams on Shoutcast TV or AOL TV.

I'm even able to watch the cricket (India v England) down here in Aus by finding NSV streams available...

I would LOVE to be able to watch these streams (and record?!) through Media Portal... we all know this is the future(!), so it would be great to have support.

Cheers, Doug.


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September 8, 2006
I saw that someone made a google video and youtube plugin so I searched to see if someone had done and AOL tv one. Found this old thread thought I would give it new life. I dont know if anybody has tried to make this or not and you would need to install the software that is on the website to watch the videos but would be a really cool plugin. If anybody wants to take a shot at it please please do. The website is:

This is the AOL tv website

This is a list of all the shows they offer:
# Adventures of Brisco County Jr
# Adventures of Superman
# Alice
# Animaniacs
# Babylon 5
# Beetlejuice
# The Ben Stiller Show
# Change of Heart
# Chico and the Man
# The D.A.
# Dark Justice
# Eight is Enough
# Elimidate
# F Troop
# Falcon Crest
# The FBI
# Freakazoid
# Freddy's Nightmares
# The Fugitive
# George Carlin
# Gilligan's Island
# Godzilla: King of the Monsters
# Godzilla Raids Again
# Growing Pains
# Hangin' With Mr. Cooper
# Head of the Class
# Jamie Foxx
# Jesse
# Kirk
# Kung Fu
# La Femme Nikita
# Lois & Clark
# Maverick
# Max Headroom
# Monkey'd Minutes
# Moral Court
# New Adventures of Batman
# New York Daze
# Off Centre
# The Office
# Our Gang
# The People's Court
# Perfect Strangers
# Pinky and the Brain
# Police Academy
# Real Gilligan's Island
# Scarecrow & Mrs. King
# Sisters
# Spenser: For Hire
# Superboy
# Superman Cartoons
# V
# Welcome Back, Kotter
# Wonder Woman

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