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December 31, 2009
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I have just used this guide to ressurect my imon on by Thermaltake Bach case (imon was probably the biggest purchase duffer I've ever made).

MediaPortal - Setup guide for Silverstone LC16M Case | iMon Remote Setup, iMon VFD Setup, iMon Front Button Hack

The guide worked perfectly apart from I cannot get the remote to change volume in MP. I can see the system volume change on the frontview display on the case but it has no physical effect i.e doesnt change the windows volume slider? I also installed Myvolume plugin but cant seem to get that to work either. I have changed the volume pref' in MP from Wave to master?

Any ideas please folks?

I'm using v1.0.2 and Win 7 x64, Imon the latest version and rest as link on tutorial.

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