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June 20, 2005
Denmark Denmark

First off, Im very pleased with MediaPortal. However a few issues have snug up the last couple of months. I update and compile directly from CVS every week or so, and have been following a few problems for quite some time now. I know you must expect bugs on HEAD, but these bugs have been around for a few months now, and I would like to see them fixed.

* Tearing. This issue have been raised by many others, but it doesnt seem to be taken seriously. I know for a fact that I have changed nothing what-so-ever on my system except MediaPortal. Until after 0.13 I never had any tearing, but have had it on the HEAD branch for a few months. I goes away when I turn on timeshifting, so this must be a problem with MP and not the codec. Im using the Nvidia Codec, which is not expired and active when in My TV.

* My local operator sends out video and audio for certain channels on 0xD2 and 0xD3. It seems that other countries use these for EPG. For the last month or so, I have been unable to watch programs that transmit on 0xD2 or 0xD3. Is there any way to properly filter the stream, so it doesnt choke on audio or video on those IDs?




Portal Pro
June 20, 2005
Denmark Denmark
This is the tunerequest logs:

23-10-2005 23:47:29 DVBGraphBDA: tuning details: frequency:474000 KHz symbolrate:6875 innerFec:-1 modulation:3 ONID:65024 TSID:1010 SID:210 provider:tdc


23-10-2005 23:47:29 DVBGraphBDA:TuneChannel() done freq:474000 ONID:65024 TSID:1010 prog:210 audio:D3 video:D2 pmt:101 ac3:FFFFFFFF txt:D4

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