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September 30, 2006
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This is a brand new OEM Technotrend Budget® C-1500 card which enables you to watch and record live cable TV feeds (incl. VirginMedia & UPC). The card is fully supported by many PVR applications such as MediaPortal if you do not fancy using the bundled Technotrend software.

Price: £35 incl. p&p (within the UK / international shipping charged at £5 extra)

Technical Specifications:

- Recording and playback for TV/Radio
- Video and audio decoding via software decoder (usually preferred to hardware decoding)
- HDTV support via software decoder
- Teletext support
- Timeshift support
- Electronic Program Guide (EPG)


- PCI cable TV card
- Drivers and software
- Infrared receiver
- Remote control
- User manual


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