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July 26, 2006
Italy Italy
This has been discussed ( but never really entered in mantis:
Teletext subtitles: they works but still the black teletext background over the tv image so practically you can't use it.

Just wondering if it's so complicated to be fixed respect all the other so nice features that I found every day in MP or it's simply not used and I have to wait full DVB subtitles support in new tv engine.
(so, in the meantime.. keep alive another software for teletext subtitles..)

Thanks + Regards


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December 12, 2005
Netherlands Netherlands
I would realy like to see this working in the tv-engine v2 (can't get the TV-server to work)! My girlfriend has a hearing disability, so we have to switch to regular tv when whatching some of our favorite programs.


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  • August 4, 2005
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    As you might know tourettes is working on DVB subtitle support by way of implementing a DirectShow filter. I briefly discussed teletext subs with him and the plan (well my plan :) is to add teletext subtitle support to the same filter (much cleaner that way) so it might be a bit waste of time to fix this problem now ( unless of course its a *really* easy fix :)

    As far as when this might be available, i will have to finish my autocropper functionality first, but its actually going pretty well now (after recovering from a slight setback ;) so i might start playing with teletext subtitles within say two weeks. Tourettes also managed to find a directshow teletext filter, so we wont be starting from scratch.


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    July 26, 2006
    Italy Italy

    GREAT !
    I really appreciate this, please consider me available for any test. You can also PM me.
    I can't help more now, but fortunately Christmas time is coming !
    My wife will finally 100% enjoy MP with subtitles / full teletext.

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