There is also BUG in original Mp 1.01 and previous(posted here too to get visibility) (1 Viewer)


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  • September 23, 2008
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    When using only back button, with no Home button in remote.

    in public static void ActivateWindow(int newWindowId, bool replaceWindow) function
    line 746 in GUIWindowManager.cs

    if (_listHistory.Count > 15)

    If user has no Home button, then after a while using TvGuide user ends up into situation where this
    _listHistory.Count goes over 15. Then Home window gets removed from the _listHistory. It was in position
    So _listHistory does not contain Home Window anymore.

    Then user starts to pres back button over and over again until 15 times is reached. What happens then:
    You have a function:

    public static void ShowPreviousWindow() in line 914.
    and there is a part:
    if (_listHistory.Count == 0)


    So you end up stucked into TvGuide and cannot get into homescreen anymore. Only to start tv by selecting
    channell in guide.

    Well My patch in h**p:// solves these problems, but if MP dev's decide to correct this only, and not touch whole
    history management, then above lines should be something like:

    if (_listHistory.Count == 0)
    // if _listhistorycount gets corrupted, go home
    _listHistory.Add((int)GUIWindow.Window.WINDOW_HOME );


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