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  • January 7, 2005
    Gemx, I noticed that sometimes the timeline of log lines is not correct. Here are few samples:

    06-04-2008 16:08:09.119 [b3c]Releasing device: 96
    06-04-2008 16:08:09.119 [b3c]ReallocSurfaces done
    06-04-2008 16:08:09.119 [b3c]Setting media type on mixer
    06-04-2008 16:08:15.270 [5f0]Critical lock time for GetFreeSample was 16 ms
    06-04-2008 14:49:27.232 [a04]skipping frame, behind 154 ms, last sleep time 20 ms.
    06-04-2008 14:49:27.232 [a04]skipping frame, behind 134 ms, last sleep time 20 ms.
    6.4.2008 16:08:09.270 [  MediaPortal] [Info.][17]: PlaneScene: src        : (0,0)-(720,576)
    6.4.2008 16:08:09.271 [  MediaPortal] [Info.][17]: PlaneScene: dst        : (0,0)-(1280,720)
    6.4.2008 14:49:27.232 [          EVR] [a04]skipping frame, behind 194 ms, last sleep time 20 ms.
    6.4.2008 14:49:27.232 [          EVR] [a04]skipping frame, behind 174 ms, last sleep time 20 ms.
    6.4.2008 14:49:27.232 [          EVR] [a04]skipping frame, behind 154 ms, last sleep time 20 ms.
    I haven't yet figured out what triggers the bug.

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