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July 24, 2005
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If I enable timeshifting, the TV will stutter like crazy everytime I change channel. This goes for both picture and sound.
It is just like the buffer aint big enough, cause if I pause the stream for a second or two then everything runs smooth.
Sometimes the stuttering reappears after a while and I will have to hit "pause" again to be able to watch TV.

I've checked CPU load when zapping and it is about 30%.
Did a little research yesterday and found out that VMR9 is utilizing the GPU to handle the stream. I have no idea how to check GPU load, any one got a tip?

My main question is: Is my videocard able to handle the job?
I got PowerColor Radeon X600 PRO - 128MB (PCI Express)

Sorry for not filling out the support template or posting any logs.
Lets just get the videocard question out of the way first and I will post logs as needed.
It would help if someone tells me wich logs I need to post for this issue.
VMR9.log, Mediaportal.log, Capture.log...??


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February 22, 2006
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Have you tried to set the PCILatency of the graphics card to a lower value (often is set to 255, set it to 64 instead)? This only applies to PCI and AGP cards, not PCI-Express.



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February 9, 2006
Copenhagen, Denmark
Hmm, nope I have not tried that. I do not even know what it means ;)

But I found a small guide from Frodo, I will try this when i come home.

My Graphics card is built in (it's a Shuttle ST62k), so i don't know if it will work - but I will definately give it a try!


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January 24, 2005
Stavanger, Norway
I have the same problem on my system using a Radeon 9550 card, PCI Latency set to 64.
And when I'm running in no-timeshift mode, after some time the A/V gets out of sync.
Have tried lots of different codecs but it didn't help for any of the problems.


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