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In a nutshell, I got an A in college (circa 1993) in Calculus, but cannot figure out how to get my TV Guide setup using basic +/- offsets! :oops:

I am in Colorado, US, so timezone is MST Daylight savings time. My settings are as follows:

Zap2it! account timezone = +0000 (is this correct or should I change to match xmltv.exe which say -06000?)

When I run xmltv.exe, it says

timezone offset -0600

tv_grab_na_dd.conf file
timezone: UTC

I imported my tvguide.xml and went to MP Setup. I cannot figure out what offset value to set in the Program Guide window. I've tried numerous, but nothing matches the TV listings properly (as per Yahoo TV).

Any advice on what to set in the offset fields on this screen?


I solved my problem, but still clueless about "best practices" in TV guiding. I have to uncheck "Use timezone information from XMLTV". Then, for "compensate time zone with" fields I put a "-6".

Is this reasonable for my situation above? Is there a better perhaps more stable way to set a TVGuide up?

Well hope my posts help others at least...


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    It seems to be dependent on the source your using. Sometimes the source already has the timezone built into it. Then the grabber could also be adding the timezone data again, and then again in MP. Basically once you find a working config, just leave it at that.

    Mine I basically just grab, and use timezone from file is UNticked and correction is +0000, even though the file shows timezone of +0930 which *should* be correct. If it works then dont fiddle. :p


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    Time Offset

    Where are you placing these ticks or none ticks? I can't seem to adjust my tv listing properly... getting frustrated.


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    Setup->Television->TV Guide

    What i recognized: Delete the programs from the database after changing the timezone offsets (There is a button for that). The button "Update database with new timezone" does not seem to work.


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