TIP(?): Build your own HDTV UHF antenna ... CHEAP (1 Viewer)


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  • April 7, 2005
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    Please note: for decent results an antenna has to be calculated exactly for your purposes - however that's not too difficult:

    Length of antenna: Lambda = c / f (with c being lightspeed multiplied with the velocity factor of the material and f being the frequency)
    Length of ground mashwork (e.g. those cloak hooks) should be: Lambda / 4

    Example: 299.792.458 x 0,951 (copper)[m/s]
    478.000.000 [Hz] (assuming our lowest channel is on UHF 482 MHZ - subtract half the bandwith of each channel which is 8MHZ).
    0,5964 [m]

    Antenna elements: 0,5964 / 4 = 0,1491 [m]

    At these frequencies it doesn't come down to the last millimeter but you should do the basic calculation for your frequency first ;)

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