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Discussion in 'MediaPortal 1 Talk' started by Program.X, October 25, 2005.

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    Hi all,

    I stumbled on this from the TiVo forums, by someone else who has moved over. I thought if it is good enough for a TiVo user, it must be good ...

    I am looking to replace TiVo, as it is more or less a dead duck in the UK, and with the upcoming Sky HD service, I want to extract the best from my new LCD TV!

    I intend to collate all my MP3 playing from AudioTron, my Web/Email and my TiVo functionality into one box. So, a few questions, if I may ...

    1/ I take it MP doesn't have the "learning" and wishlist functionality as standard. Is this available as an add-in? Or is it relatively simple to add a plug-in myself? I do have .NET 1.1/2.0 knowledge, though I may be able to tackle it.

    2/ Can it be controlled over the web - ie. a cheap remote until I get round to buying one while tryingi t out?

    3/ Is there an HCL for compatible remotes, cards, TV's, etc.?

    4/ Can it access/archive networked storage? My MP3's are on a NAS, and I would be interested in archiving some programmes to NAS, or elsewhere.

    5/ Whats the base recommended spec? I have a relatively decent computer hidden away somewhere I might use to try this out. If not, I would probably be forced to buy a new PC. I know there is a "minimum specs" page, but I would be interested in your impression of a what minimum experience represents and what I need to achieve it.

    Sorry for all the questions, hope you can help.
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    It doesnt as of yet, we have seen a few requests similar to this. If you feel like getting your self dirty then that would be great, MP needs all the developers it can get.

    Yes, look in the Plugins section of the forums for MPW (Mediaportal Webinterface).

    The wiki (found here http://www.maisenbachers.de/dokuw/ ) has listings of all the working / non-working pieces of hardware.

    Sure can, you just need to either share the drive, or map it in windows XP and point MP there.

    Again the Wiki lists what you should require to run MP as well as it should. A decent speed (over 1.4ghz of Athlon XP or P4 variety), 512mb of ram, and a DX9 supported video card are the very basic requirements.

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