Total remote controlled playback of HD DVD and Blu-ray


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January 16, 2007

In my HTPC I've got a Blu-ray reader and the HD DVD add-on to XBOX 360. I wanted a real hands-free way of playing both my HD DVD and my Blu-ray. The problem is that if you want full compatibility with new Blu-ray's you must have the latest software, in my case PowerDVD 10. The problem now is that PowerDVD 10 won't play HD DVD's. So I made my own solution.

I've integrated full support with MultiShortcut and Moving Pictures.
When you play one of your HD DVD or Blu-ray movies in Moving Pictures and got the disc in of course it will start my own program that will automatic recognize if it is a HD DVD for example and start PowerDVD 8. If it's a Blu-ray it will start PowerDVD10. The refresh rate will automatic turn to 24hz. To stop the movie and get back to MediaPortal I've used a modified version of MPTray so that the stop button will terminate PowerDVD 8 or 10. I've also programmed in so that the Back button will press CTRL + P only if PowerDVD10 is running and is the active window. So you can get the menu up on all Blu-ray's.

My program will listen after launching either PowerDVD 8 or 10 and will self terminate when PowerDVD is closed. That will trigger Moving Pictures and MultiShortcut to bring back MediaPortal.

MultiShortcut am I using for playing random discs that I don't want to import to my Moving Pictures collection.

This first screenshot shows my shortcut.

This picture show the GUI of my program that will only show when using the shortcut.
It can be completely controlled by the MCE remote and all other remote to I would presume.

The HD DVD logo start PowerDVD 8. Look at the taskbar and you'll see that my program has minimized it self.

Same as before but with Blu-ray instead.

PowerDVD10 is launched

The reason I'm writing this thread is to see if there are people out there that would like to have this. Right now everything is hard coded for my system. But if there is a demand for it I could reprogram it to use settings files etc so anybody can use it and of course share all source code so that anybody can modify it however they want.

To sum up:
It offers a completely remote controlled solution for playing HD DVD and Blu-ray (Including remote shortcut for CTRL + P menus) with different players.
Will automatic change refresh rate to 24hz when playing and back when done.

It consists of my own written program, a modified version of MPTray, Display Changer and a completely rewritten version of MPFocus (only needed when always focus is turned of in MediaPortal)

Cheers :)
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