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    just thought about 2 nice features that could be interesting.

    First i thought about sth. like a traffic module. If you plan to drive with your car, motorbike or whatever it would be great to know about the situation on the streets. Just before you leave home you have a quick look on your Media Portal powered HTPC in the living room. You see there is a traffic jam on your route and you can drive another way. For my region there is a web service which could be the source for the module ( Would sth. like this be possible? The information to display is simple text, so i think this would be no problem to realize. The hardest thing will be to extract the information from their (.html) sources. I didn't find any traffic rss feeds for my region, which should be easier...

    The second feature I thought of could be seen as extension of mypictures. I wanted to load webcam stills to be displayed in Media Portal but did not find a way to do it with the existing module. An example: "". This whole thing could even make the existing modules better. The traffic module mentioned above could include a webcam on the streets in your region (example: ""). The weather module could display pictures of weahter radars, like it's done in myHTPC.

    Maybe someone likes these ideas and maybe in the (far) future they'll even be implemented...



    I think the major problem to build something like this is that there is not one single resource where you can pull the informtaion. For each site that offers you traffic information for your local area there would be a different structure. That would be really tricky to solve. I am not saying it's a bad idea but my first reaction was that it would be really hard to pull off.

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