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July 2, 2005
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I'm happy that I can finally use the Compress feature of MP without it crashing, or just plain failing to work!

Now here is what I would like to see added.

Not all the programs I record, I want to auto-compress......and unfortunately that means I manually have to go compress the shows I want.

When I setup a recording in MP, I'd like an option (perhaps a checkbox) to select whether or not the program I'm recording should be auto-compressed according to MP's settings. Anything not flagged with this option would be left for me to manually compress later if I wanted.

Thoughts on this?

A Frater

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December 9, 2005
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Yes i agree and possibility of chosing to compress after viewing :?: and to auto compress to different formats Xvid for movies (better quality) and WMV for TV shows (smaller size but lower quilty) :?:


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  • January 14, 2005
    That sounds like a good idea.... Having a check box to compress the shows you would like.... either after waching them, after they record (right away) or some sort of set up schedule....(at night)

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