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November 8, 2005
to start of im a complete noob when it comes to tuners and such.

i tried reading around and i kinda understood the analog tuner part but somehow get confused when it comes to digital etc. with al the CI chip etc

but now to explain my question.
im building a Multi Media pc and i want to use it to record movies and tv shows from Essent TVhome Digital TV.

My parents got a Digital Reciever from Essent etc. so they r paying customers for it so i dont need that CI chip stuff i think.
i want to record Movies and TVshows from this reciever
i got mostly all the hardware sorted out atm Celeron mobile etc.
But im clueles when it comes down to the tuner.

i want to record stuff but also keep watching other stuff over the reciever so i gues i need 2 single tuners or 1 dual tuner.
but all those digital tuners confuse me cause fo al the difrent standards and options so i dont know wich one is good for me.

im looking for one that gives good quality but also isnt to hard to instal for a noob.

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