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Discussion in 'View Pictures' started by PastorVor, September 29, 2008.

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    I've been reading around a bit and I've been using MP for quite a while and I know that new features added into "My Pictures" just isn't going to happen. It's a shame because I use it quite a bit for browsing pictures with my remote.

    But, one limitation that MP seems to have that simply drives me nuts is the thumbnail issue. That is, thumbnails are VERY slow to be created and you do not get to pick and choose what folders will make thumbnails and which do not.

    Example: I've got 5 new folders of pictures, each with over 1000 pictures. I open the first folder and MP starts making thumbnails... but wait... I'm going to move that folder!!! I don't want to wait 10 minutes while MP creates all those thumbnails which will be useless the moment I move the folder!!! I just want to view some of the files.
    So, I back out of the first folder and MP continues to create the thumbs in the first folder.
    I open folder #2 and what do you know, MP starts making more thumbs...
    Open another and another folder and MP completely slams the computer with thumbnail creation completely locking the system up and eventually making a mess of the whole thing.

    On top of that, MP saves all of these thumbnails in a single folder and in a single DB. Care to know what happens when you get hundreds of thousands of Thumbnail files in one single folder?
    Yeah, eventually MP just starts bugging out and you have to clear the entire cache.
    No, you cannot clear out only those thumbs that are orphaned or not needed, you have to clear the whole thing and then get to remake (at turtle speeds) any thumbs you wanted to keep.

    So... I humbly ask this... is there any way to turn this "feature" off??? I'll gladly manually create my thumbs if I could just get MP to quit "helping" me with this...

    Thanks... :D

    and yeah, frustrated post after having to dump a cache which seemed to take the length of this post to actually delete all of those files!!! LOL

    I love MP :D

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    You're right in all points.
    If MP won't be "fixed" after 1.0 regarding this points we'll at least try to improve MP2's thumb handling.

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