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October 7, 2008
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Is there any way to turn off auto scan of the movie directories when the plugin/mediaportal is launched? An option to force manual scanning?

In my environment, I have a mapped network drive to my movies folder on another computer. If for some reason the network drive wasn't mapped correctly or there is a network issue and moving pictures cannot access the source, moving pictures will delete all database info and try to reimport everything. In cases like these, I have to restore the database file and the thumbs manually.

It would be great if moving pictures had an option to turn off automatic scanning and allow scanning manually only in the configurator.



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September 3, 2008
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well there is. sort of. You just have to mark your network folder as "removable" this let's movpic know that when the movies are not available, they should not be removed from the database.


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March 4, 2007
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I would like to second that feature as it will be extremely useful for me. I am looking forward to 0.7.

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