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February 9, 2006
Thank you to everyone for your help to date.

The components I have found in control panel under audio, video etc are:

Audio codecs
Legacy Audio drivers
Legacy Video Capture Devices
Logitech Mic (Communicate STX)
Media control devices
Medion SAA7131, hybrid capture device 1
Medion SAA 7131, hybrid capture device 2
Realtek High definition Audio
Video codec

I suspect the TV Tuner(s) are the medion entries. I think they are a Philips manufactured item.

The PC is a Medion 8800; new model. UK

I don't think I can find this in the list of supported cards. Please advise where I go from here.

Is it possible to reset MP settings to default as I will have changed some in my attempts to see the TV tuner.

Thank you again.


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February 18, 2005
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Hi Neil,

You'r cards are not supported at the moment, or so it looks at least.
The Medion entries are indeed your two tuners. These are hybrid, which means you can use them for analog and DVB both.
Now, Mediaportal should recognise the DVB part as a DVB card and the analog part as an analog card. If you get everything working, you'll have 4 entries I presume.

The SAA7131 is the chipset of your card, if I look at the supported capture cards, I do not find it. However, I do find a lot of entries on the 713x, the "family" of your card. So, there's hope.

You may want to try the suggestions at the bottom of the capture cards list and read these forum treads:
Problem installing with Medion DVB-T/DVB-S Also check the link provided there.
On your analog card:
Getting your H/W TVCard to be supported, You can help us!
There is a chance that the analog part of your card is software encoding. This basicly means your capture card doesn't send nice MPEG2 data to the rest of your PC, but "asks" your processor to do the job of creating MPEG2. A card called "ASUS My Cinema 7131 Dual" seems to be an analog card. (look here) Read this tread how to get those cards supported:
Getting your 'Software Encoding' card to be supported!
Good luck.

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