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November 25, 2006
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We have 22 channels, the Disney channel stops broadcasting at 18:00. If my daughter has been watching Disney she finishes and just turns everything off.

Lady of the house returns and puts the TV on at 19:00 and it attempts to tune to Disney which is no longer broadcasting.
Cue black screen for 15 seconds, then a cryptic "no audio/video detected" she tries again and waits another 15 seconds, same message. Then she thinks turning it off and on again will help, cue lots of swearing and can't we just have a normal digibox like normal people routine.

Can we force the TV client to tune a certain (24h broadcasting) channel when it is started,so they can see that it is actually working?



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January 26, 2007
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Mali Mali
I asked about this same thing quite a while ago. Cannot find my old post to see if any recent replies. Don't think there is a fix?. I have a quad core fast PC, and it freezes for a least a minute before informing of no signal. Sometimes just locks up and need reset. When getting this message, I can usually press OK on the remote, and then use the back key to get to the listings, so that I can select a live channel. Always try to switch to BBC before shut down.

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