Tv: If Timeshifting not enabled, pause (OSD) can enable-it. (1 Viewer)


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July 24, 2005
Paris France
I dont use time shifting very often, cause it is not usefull most of the time, watching TV.
And it is a stress for Hard disk and eat ressources.
One feature would be nice: The radio button from the main page of Tv enable Time shift as default. OK. But, if it is not enabled, no way to use Time shift from the full screnn osd.
I would be great if timeshift can be enabled from full screen (pause) if it was not, then pause occurs.
Also, there is a bug in this OSD: if you use pause in this OSD, the pause button change for a play button. Just close the OSD and return to OSD again: the play button is lost.
Thanks for this programm full of promesses.


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January 11, 2005
I second this request! I personnaly tried to bypass this by using the key mapping function present in the mPod Hauppauge Remote module, but without success :cry:



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June 27, 2005
London, UK
I'd agree with this one. I don't use timeshift that often but it would be much simpler if it was activated by just pressing pause in full screen. It should then be tuned off by pressing stop. You could then also remove the timeshift option from the GUI completely and simplify the interface as well.

There might be a very good reason why it's implimented in it's current format. Would be interested to hear.


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June 21, 2005
I also think this would be a great feature/option.

It could be furthered by having another timeshifting option that automatically kicked in when you'd been watching for a couple of minutes. As soon as you change the channel it's off an stays off until you settle on a channel again, this would speed up channel hopping!

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