TV Series 5x3 Rows (Not Simple) :) (1 Viewer)


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September 6, 2008
England England
Hi All,

I'm aware that there is a MOD to change the TV Series to 5x3 rows using the old simple format. But I really like the new layout and would like 5x3 rows, has anybody got an xml for this or am I gonna have to start messing around with the old one :) .I was kinda hoping somebody has already done it to save me some time.



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December 8, 2008
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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Is there any way that someone would be able to make the 5x3 have the faded show banners the way the newer 3x3 screens do? i really love that look but with over 50 TV shows scanning 3x3 at a time is way too slow!



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September 30, 2007
Norway Norway
Add <unfocusedAlpha>150</unfocusedAlpha> to the thumbnailpanel control in tvseries.xml:



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February 3, 2009
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Has anyone modded their xml file to give them 5x3 rows for the new 1.4 releaese? If so, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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