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August 26, 2004
Airy Crater, Mars
I have compiled and installed everything, but I run into an error while trying to setup the TV configuration.

The setup tells me that the "TvService is not running". But ofcourse this service IS running, and I can also see a short connection setup in my firewall ;)

Debugging shows me that while getting the cards, an error is returned by the TvServer, and as a result the above error is given.

Its about this part of the code:
static public IController Instance
if (_tvControl != null) return _tvControl;
_tvControl = (IController)Activator.GetObject(typeof(IController), String.Format("tcp://{0}:31456/TvControl", _hostName));
int card=_tvControl.Cards;
return _tvControl;
catch (Exception)
return _tvControl;

The Exception seems to be an COM+ related SQL error, errorcode -532459699, which is (using the help in VS2005) described as: "Note also that the SqlException handler tests the dialogTrans SqlTransaction object to see if it is still active (i.e. it has a connection to the database). If it is active, it is rolled back to ensure transactional consistency. If you attempt to commit/rollback an inactive object you will see a SystemException indicating a COM+ exception code of 0xE0434F49 (-532459699) with text "This SqlTransaction has completed; it is no longer usable"."

So, did I do something wrong (can't find any logfile of the TvService??), or is this a bug :eek:

I did some more searching, and the reason I couldn't find the log file is that the installation directory is not Team MediaPortal but simply MediaPortal (BIG BUG!)

So I found the log file, which tells me that the connectionstring is invalid:

5-10-2006 23:42:53 TV service started
5-10-2006 23:42:53 Controller: Started
5-10-2006 23:42:54 Exception :Error: DatabaseUnavailableUnclassified
Gentle.Common.GentleException: The database backend (provider SQLServer) could not be reached.
Check the connection string: ---> System.InvalidOperationException: The ConnectionString property has not been initialized.

A new day...
I deinstalled everything, and installed SQL Server, the TV Server and the TV Plugin again, and still that error. So I deinstalled/installed everything for the third time and now it is simply working :oops:

I don't know what I did different, but I do know that the MSI installers install both the TV Server and the TV Plugin in thw WRONG directory. So you have to read the installation manual very carefully and modify the installation directories.

Maybe I overlooked or mistyped something in the previous 2 installations...

And the result, well:
- The TvService takes about 10% CPU on my AMD 64 3200+
- Mediaportal running the TV Plugin about 40% (!!)
- I DO have synchronization problems with sound and video (using a PVR150MCE)
- I have a considerate channel switch delay of sometimes over 5 seconds using either LAN or WLAN
- It is VERY nice watching TV in the garden on a laptop while having breakfast without any cables attached... :p :p

In other words: I like it :D :D :D

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