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January 3, 2008
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TvWishList Version released on 03.Feb.2016

•Never again miss your favourite movie when it is showing up on TV.
•Create a list of movies or episodes you want to record or get a reminder
•TvWishList will search your Epg data and compare to your search list. If the plugin finds a
match it will record and/or send you an email.
• TvWishList will only record one show if it is repeated at multiple times.
• TvWishlist is using the Tv server conflict management
• You can choose partial or exact match for program titles or search the program description.
• Add your own SQL query for flexible search of your EPG data
• Input your TvWishList data with the MediaPortal plugin
• Use the MediaPortal in a View Mode as your personal TV guide to search for your favorite
episodes, genres, star rating, ...
• A new repeated episode algorithm has been developed together with foxbenw for
• Create a new Tvwish from Epg data, Recordings, Schedules, Videos, TvSeries if you do a right click with the mouse or press the info button on the remote
• Language Support for Dutch, English, French, German, Lithunian, Spanish, Swedish
Supported Skins

MediaPortal 1.0.1-1.13, MP2 is not supported!
Tested with XP (SP3 32 bit), Vista (SP2 32 bit), Windows 7, Windows 8.1 (64 bit), Windows 10

- Start the MediaPortal Extension Installer (MPEI) which can be found in your MediaPortal program directory and install TvWishList
- In the TvWishList Installer window click "Install" (make sure you read the manual)
- Push the buttons “Readme”, “Install” and “Exit”. Enable the plugin in the TV server configuration.
For Users with a TV Server only Installation: The MPEI installer will unzip all files in the
%PROGRAMDATA%\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\Installer\TvWishList folder. If
you have a computer with a TV server only installation you can copy this folder to the TV
server and install it there.

Quick Usage Guide for the TV Server Plugin (TvWishList)
Enter the title of the movie you want to record in the "Seach For" textbox and activate the checkbox
at the beginning of the line. If you want to receive an Email message you need to fill in the server
information on the "Settings" tab. The default settings of the other options can be used for most of
the users. Click the "Help" button to view the detailed pdf manual.

Quick Usage Guide for the MediaPortal Plugin (TvWishListMP)
Open the MediaPortal plugin and click the „New“ button to add a new wish. When done click the „Search EPG“ button and view the results with the button “View results”. Click the "Help" button to view the detailed pdf manual.

The BackupSettings plugin supports TvWishList
For MP1.2 you must reinstall the plugin with the installer.

Need Language Translations!

At this time i do ask you for language translations into other languages.

Please go to
The procedure is described in this post.

Alternatively you can open the file
C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\language\TvWishListMP\strings_en.xml
and copy it to a new name with your language.
Then just translate the area between string e.g.
<String id="1100">View Only Mode</String>
<String id="1100">Anschau Modus</String>
Do not change any comments from English outside the string. When done please upload your file into this post.

Known Issues:
- based on the latest findings from Flo70 there can be an issue with TvWishlist conflicting with existing schedules. To avoid those problems you need to uncheck in the Tvserverplugin under the tab "Settings" the checkbox "Delete Changed EPG"
- TvWishList needs a new installation for MP1.11
If you upgrade from MP1.10 to MP1.11 you may need to do a new installation of TvWishlist. The latest version will install a different plugin file, which is needed for MP1.11. The older plugin is not compatible with Mp1.11.
The settings will be kept with the new installation. Just rerun the installer if your TvWishlist plugin crashes with MP1.11.
- if you use TvWishlist for series recordings make sure you have disabled the TVserver setting
TvServer Setup Configuration -> Recording -> General -> Check Episode of already recorded programs...
- for gmail settings of the email account check the following two threads:
- If you are editing a text box of a Tv wish in the Tv server plugin and hit ok, the last wish is not being stored. To avoid this go to a new line before you end the Tv server configuration or use the MediaPortal Client plugin for entering a Tv wish.

- if you get a message after a new install "TvWishList MediaPortal Plugin Does Not Match To TvWishList TV Server Plugin" there are four possibilities:
a) tv server plugin is different to the MP plugin - install the correct version
b) tv server plugin is not enabled - enable the plugin
c) named pipes are not initialized correctly - reboot the server
d) most likely the installation of the tv server plugin failed. Windows sometimes locks TvWishlist.dll and the installation window will show you an exception message. In that case stop the Tvserver manually and reinstall the plugin.

- if you get all the conflicts by email just disable in the Tv server configuration the TvWishList setting "Formats->FilterCriteria:Conflicts"

- if you see a message "Missing or invalid file C:\.........TvWishListMP.xml" in MediaPortal, your skin does not support the TvwishList plugin. Supported skins are listed here: Supported Skins

- the MP keyboard does only suppoprt about 38 characters and not more. If you need more characters e.g. for a complex SQL query you have to use the Tv server plugin. Nothing i can do about this.

- for users of MP1.0.x the mpi installer is no more supported. Please use the and unzip it. Then start install.exe
- in case of installation issues with the mpei installer try to downloasd from this thread and unzip it. After unzipping start install.exe. Do not start install.exe from the zipped folder. You must unzip first.

In case of problems please enable the setting "Verbose Debug" in the Tvserver configuration and post both your log files e.g.
C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\log\TvWishList.log
and set in the MediaPortal Configuration (General) the Log verbosity to Debug and post
C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\log\TvWishList.log

Version History:

V1.4.5. 0: released on 03.Feb. 2016
-fixed bug with "Search EPG" in client plugin

V1.4.4. 0: released on 14.Jan. 2016
-severe bug fix for MP client plugin impacting the recording button

V1.4.1. 0: released on 07.Mar. 2015
-fix for MP1.11

V1.4.0. 2: released on 12.Oct. 2014
- installer fix for MP1.9

V1.4.0. 1: released on 19.Jul. 2014
- new: Spanish language files
- bug fix for using two exclude conditions in a Tv wish

V1.4.0. 0: released on 14.Dec. 2013
- new TvWishList Logo from Pog used for MP1, MP2 skins and installer
- save parsing of integers and dates
- new: native Tvserver plugin for MP2
- installer updates

V1.3.0. 13:
- updated language file Slovak
- changed to .net4
- started new version 1.6 with new .dll files
- updated installer
- updated build script for 1.6
- sebastii language fix for 1.6

Version released on 17.Aug.2013
- order programs by start date (patch by TheNoctambulist)
- MP2 plugin updated for MP2alfa2
- MP2 platform target changed to x86
- transifex scripts updated for git
- updated French language file

Version released on 5.Jul.2013:
- fixed Tvserver GUI bug introduced in

Version released on 30.Jun.2013:
- Filerenaming as a separate thread (caused severe delay or freeze of client for some users)
- Epgmarker supports multiple items separated by |
- search now button on main menu
- updated manual

Version released on 02.Jun.2013:
– new: Indonesian and Catalan language files
– updated for Version 1.4
– bug fix in client plugin for deleting recordings (MP1 and MP2)
– MP2 plugin: changed to usage of TvWishlistMpExtendedprovider0.5as a separate plugin
(needed for future Tv server) using an interface structure
– TvServer: support of html email if keyword “USE_HTML” is used at the beginning of an
email format
– Installer updated

Version released on 26Feb2013
-TvServer plugin:
– fixed bug in sql query for existing recordings
– enhanced episode management algorithm for better detection of incomplete EPG information

-MP2 plugin:
– updatet to MPExtended V0.5.0 released on 08. December 2012:
– TvServer plugin:
– fixed bug in Episode algorithm (thanks to Foxbenw)
– MP2 plugin:
– updated skins including playlist buttons for main screen released on 25. November 2012:
– New Language: Slovak

– TvServer plugin:
– fixed severe language bug (German)

– MP1 plugin:
– fixed bug for incorrect textbox format on main menu for tvwishes for skins
– fixed bug for incorrect start and end date format for skins
– fixed bug for within next hours item
– only supporting default skins

– MP2 plugin:
– fixed bug for within next hours item
– episodecriteria was not updated correctly
– new skins for Reflexion and RisingSkin
– minor skin modifications
– new TvWishList hover image from Catavolt released on 06 November 2012
– new: MediaPortal 2 Plugin
– new: expressions for Episodenumber and Seriesnumber filter
– new: search EPG x minutes before each schedule and run a script C:\ProgramData\Team
MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\TvWishList\RunBeforeEachSchedule.bat before
checking the EPG
– new: optional Slow CPU to prevent EPG search during recording or timeshifting
– new: language translation for Tv server (message creation , SetupTV) and MP plugin
– installer updated
– MP2 plugin bug fixes in case of occuring error scenarios
– new: Pog button processing extended for sql expressions and Name parameters
– Tv server bug fixes for error scenarios
– new: Automatic mode for episodes if the EPG contains episode information (part,name or
episode/series number)
– enhanced episodemangement with number extraction from expressions e.g. 5/24
– added error message if pipe connection fails released on 02 August 2012
– bug fix of recording counter not being reset preventing a new EPG search (found by HomeY)
– no more checking existence of user password and username
– bug fix for schedule conflicts (found by foxbenw) released on 03.July 2012
– new: Create a new Tvwish from Epg data, Recordings, Schedules, Videos, TvSeries if you
do a right click with the mouse or press the info button on the remote. (“Pog” button). In the
configurations you can select two modes (quick menu or new tvwish) for this button.
– new: added Dutch translations from HomeY
– new: added clone Tvwish from Edit-> More menu
– new: added Create NewTvWish from selected items on the Result page (click the item)
– new: added support for the “pog” button to integrate TvWishList into MediaPortal (TV
Guide, TV Recordings, TV Schedules, TV Fullscreen , TvSeries and MovingPictures via the
dialog menu of the info button or right mouse click )
– severe bug fix where schedules could get deleted in ViewOnly mode under special
– added compatibility to the upcoming 1.3alfa
– updated installer
– another bug fix in locking plugin for tvserver configuration
– bugfix in processing episodes (foxbenw)
– version.txt no more written, but used via tv server
– no more write access required to the tvserver from a remote client (named pipes)
– epg change done via filewatcher (no more stopping of tvserver)
– fixed skin bug: cannot move left from playlist
– play command substituted by “info” button on remote (F3 key) for selecting results of single
tv wish or a click with the right mouse button
– added new streamed mp skin from pog
– fixed configuration bug for formats with <br> in MP config (thanks to foxbenw for testing) released on 23.April 2012
– bug fix in locking plugin for tvserver configuration
– bug fix for repeated email schedules
– bug fix for changing EPG data
– MP plugin configuration no more needed and simplified
– bugfix for skin PureVisionHDXmas
– added support for LCARS skin

Version released on 18.March 2012:
-fixed installation bug for nondefault paths
-handling changing EPG data for episode or description
-API interface for other plugins
- improved data integrity between Mp and TV plugin

Version released on 16.February 2012:
- code for detecting repeated episodes developed together with foxbenw
- episode number and series number filter skip a program now for lower numerical values
- new feature: overwrite episode matching criteria individual per Tv wish
- new feature: preferred group define hd group and use recording from this group if not done before
- expiration date for deleted messages
- easy/expert mode
- update deleted messages if recorded/scheduled again
- installation of skin for PureVisionHDXmas
- defaultsettings for settings and formats modified and cleaned up
- extended messages for not recorded (for conflicts or new)
- bugfix on recoding sql queries for non existing recorded file
- bugfix for changing EPG data
- many more bugfixes

Version released on 12.December.2011
- bug fix for partial text/title in TV and MP plugin Version
- bug fix: day could not be selected in MP plugin if language was set to German
- bug fix: after saving TvWish defaults were displayed in English even if language was set to German
- bug fix: deleting a TvWish from the edit window did not work
- bug fix: when renaming to name folder after a recording the changed path in recordings has not been saved
- need to rerun tvdatabase import in setuptv
- bug fix: emailed schedules are not getting deleted after scheduled time was reached
- bug fix: during recording movies, messages must not be created due to capitol letters in title and description. This did create duplicate messages
- bug fix: name folders: special situation could occur where renaming was tried during recording
- bug fix: name folder from Tv wish list name was not shown in recordings
- bugfix: xml file must not be updated after moving file to names folder
- changed translation name for name folder to tv wishlist name
- filter all added on view window
- filter none added on view window
- include in recorded message the file size after the file path

Version released on 23.October.2011
- severe bug in logging with verbose debug on for Tvserver in
- play command (p) instead of right mouse button double click can be used for users with a remote to view the results of a single wish
- file checking in recordings did not work
- usability improvements on edit and main window (last edit item in edit list stays after editing)

Version released on 22.October.2011
- fixed bug in copy schedules to TvWishList ( now only allowed in email mode)
- major code structure changes for better maintenance (MP+TV)
- switched default values for useFolder to None
- bugfix in mpei installer StreamedMP (set skin files to copy if older)
- keepuntil allows to specify day, months or years ,until space needed, until watched until date
- separate counters for scheduled, recorded, deleted, emailed, viewed, conflicts
- warning if switching to default values in MP
- deleted recordings from tvwishlist can be used as a skip criteria if checked in the Tvserver settings
- separate log files TvWishList.log in the MediaPortal or Tvserver log folder
- save on exit - updated language files with counter
- playlistitem shows now (scheduled/recorded) and date shows year
- updated filters for recorded, deleted
- moved messages.xml to tvserver database to avoid data integrity issue incase of user error
- save filter properties in MP config file
- DEBUG value in log file and MP plugin, added verbose debug in mp configuration
- check and correct user default formats with hardcoded values if necessary
- delete schedule/message from view results window
- plugin can be entered only via main window
- bug fix on Episodenumber and Seriesnumber filter
- bugfix in view only mode
- there must not be "is already scheduled"
- view results for a single tvwish by double clicking with the right mouse button on the item
- updated manual - comskip now works when using "Name" as use folder

Version released on 25.September.2011
MediaPortal/TvServer Plugin:
• many bug fixes – too many to list
• new mode for Recordtype and Use Folder
• streamed Mp skin from diskeeper included into installer

Version released on 23.August.2011
MediaPortal Plugin:
• fixed bug with focus initialization for remote controls and keyboards
• old entries in the view results menu are automatically removed

Version released on 20.August.2011
Tvserver Plugin:
• new columns „Name“, „Use Name Folder“ and „Within Next Hours“
• bug fixes MediaPortal Plugin:
• „Export“/“Import“ in main menu on „More“
• Select „All Items“ / „Userdefiend Items“ on edit window on „More“
• View found hits of a single Tv wish
• many many bug fixes
• select on the view result window a show for quick scheduling or going to the TV screen

Version released on 13.August.2011
• new MediaPortal plugin TvWishListMP
• configure Email message format for the Tv server plugin in the Tvserver configuration

Version released on 11.May.2011
• fixed severe bug from which caused an exception during EPG processing - please update
• fixed installation issue "license file not found"

Version released on 29.Apr.2011
• added new user options for improved recognition of repeated episodes
• plugin compatibility check for future 1.2 included
• added new .dll version for 1.2
• updated structures for compatibility to 1.2
• bugfix on email only for repeated runs from mcl
• bugfix on found counter from mcl
• uninstall deletes now messages.xml
• bugfixes on conditional version compile options

Version released on 12.Feb.2011
• fixed bug in search function
• added expression for SQL queries (see manual)
• no more support for MediaPortal version 1.0.0. final
• fixed bug for email messages (new message system)

Version released on 28.Nov.2010
• fixed bug on filter functions "before/after day" and "before /after time"
• output of program description
• reset all founds will reset all found counters to 0

Version released on 21.Nov.2010
• fixed bug on "skip none" button
• channel column is now a dropdownbox based on the group setting in channel filters

Version released on 7.Nov.2010
• fixed bug which restricted the number of Tv wish list entries to about 30 to 40
• moved global setting "skip repeated episodes" to the main page to make it accessible for every Tv wish list entry Version released on 3.Oct.2010
• delete scheduled recordings if mismatch with found program, because old and new epg data do not match
• exact word match for title or text
• filter option "after time" and "before time" (default any)
• filter option "after day" and "before day" (default any)
• filter option for a single channel name (default any) • small GUI layout changes • moved important messages from DEBUG to INFO

• faster EPG data search by presorting EPG data. Presorting takes about 30s on a Intel 1.78GHz dual core, but the time could roughly be reduced by half for each specified wish (about 15s). if you have many wishes defined you will benefit a lot from this feature.
• user option for skip reoeated schedules (see manual). Users with poor EPG data description can now disable this feature to record all episodes
• EPG checking time can be specified by week days
• improved handling of next EPG checking time (handshake between Tvservice and SetupTV) • old EPG checking date will be restored if user is shutting down or suspending/hibernating the computer during an active EPG search of the TvService
• correct handling of integer values which are not in the drop down list in all textboxes (hours, days, minutes, max found)
• Buttons added for setting all entries active / inactive

Version released on 16.Apr.2010
• added support for MP1.1RC2

Version released on 31.Mar.2010
• fixed issue for some users with exception message during scan of EPG data (thanks to joit for debugging)
• fixed bug with advanced option "Keep Until"
• added hours and minutes for defining a time to check the EPG data

Version released on 20.Mar.2010
• added advanced settings and additional filter options for episode and series
• fixed bug with invalid (empty) first row in table
• modified installer for install/uninstall argument in order to prepare for the new MPEI2 installer
• added new GUI for direct list editing

Version released on 7.Feb.2010
• fixed conflict management by including the Tv server conflict management
• added user settings for Schedule Conflicts and Email Conflicts
• added back episodes (one or all) and recordings will be flagged as episodes and recorded in a folder.

Version released on 29.Jan.2010
- added exclude filter
- episodes or movies will be recorded only once if they are broadcasted multiple times

Version released on 19.Jan.2010

The source code of my plugins can be found at huha-mediaportal-plugins
Check for

Update: After version I switched to github.


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    Re: New TV Server Plugin: TvWishList

    Haven't tried it yet, but is there also a view inside MP to have a overview of all the found programs by your plugin and the possibility to plan a recording from there?


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    Re: New TV Server Plugin: TvWishList

    Hi Snader,
    I am not planning a Mediaportal plugin for viewing, as it would be a huge programming effort and i do not have experience with mediaportal plugins and skins. However, I am planning to support TvWishList in EmailScheduler. This means you will be able to create your wishlist via emails if your Media PC does not have a keyboard.


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  • December 12, 2005
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    Re: New TV Server Plugin: TvWishList

    Searched threads from the plugin are visible in the schedule's from tv server and client, also visible in GMPS Scheduler, so that works fine, but all show's will be recorded, also the re-run's. An example: Boston Legal on monday 23.15, the re-run 2 days later again. Maybe u can seperate them?

    Auf deutsch, weil's besser geht :p :

    Alle Thread's, die ich im Plugin eingebe, werden im TV Server eingetragen, sind ebenfalls im Client unter Timer sichtbar und der Eintrag vom TV Server in den GMPS Scheduler funktioniert ebenfalls anstandslos. Leider werden auch alle Wiederholungen eingetragen. Besteht da eine Möglichkeit, dass zu differenzieren, so dass nur Erstausstrahlungen oder kurz darauf folgende Wiederholungen der selben Folge aufgenommen werden, natürlich wäre auch weiterhin beides für den einen oder anderen User sinnvoll.
    So müssen die Wiederholungen im TVServer oder im Client manuell gelöscht werden, nur die tauchen beim nächsten Run vom Plugin wieder auf.
    Beim ändern der Tage wird ja ein Restart vom TV Service verlangt, leider wird der aktive Prozess nicht gekillt, sondern ein zweites Mal gestartet, erst ein paar Sekunden später verschwindet der zuerst gestartete Prozess, was dazu führt, dass MP Client den Server nicht mehr findet, nach dem Hostnamen des Server's fragt und dann mit der Fehlermeldung quittiert, dass der Remoteport nicht frei ist und die Firewall überprüft werden muss. Problem wird dadurch behoben, wenn ich den TV Service kille und neu starte.

    Ich nutze XP SP3, mit der Alpha ohne SVN's und separater Server/Client Installation, die ansonsten seit Monaten einwandfrei läuft.

    Ansonsten super Arbeit, danke dafür und weiter so.


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    Re: New TV Server Plugin: TvWishList

    Hi Crash,
    I tried to make it simple and have on the recording options only the keywords
    - One Movie (activated only for one match)
    - All movies (never gets deactivated after a match)
    - One Episode (activated only for one match)
    - All Episodes (never gets activated)

    Besides that I could implement in the next version the features from the advanced scheduling menu like
    Always Same (all matches on this channel)
    Always All (all matches on any channel)

    I had that originally implemented, but did not come up with a good concepts for all possible combinations match type and if they should stay active after the first match. Any more feedback if this is needed would be appreciated.
    I cannot come up with new options like avoid reruns as it is not implemented in the Tv Server. The problem is I cannot predict (or only with huge programming effort) if it is a weekly or daily episode.


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    Re: New TV Server Plugin: TvWishList

    Hi Huha,
    I like the idea of your plugin as it uses the TVserver for recording and the standard client, could you create some sort of hash from the title and description to work out if it is a repeat?



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    December 29, 2005
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    Sweden Sweden
    Re: New TV Server Plugin: TvWishList

    I must concur, the idea seems great. My dream here would be to say that I want to record a show, say Boston Legal Season 2 and the plugin uses the EPG info to gather all necessery episodes. I also saw the rename "plugin" somewhere else in the forum to populate the tv-series plugin with series recorded (from epg data). That would mean that the combination of these two things would make life really nifty when it comes to recording entire tv-series.


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    Re: New TV Server Plugin: TvWishList

    this idea looks very interesting and i will look further in it. I will try to search in the TV recordings if a matched EPG title is identical to the description and the title of the recording. let´s see if this works for getting all episode numbers only once. JBN, I understand the value of it. I will try if it works.


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    October 17, 2008
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    AW: New TV Server Plugin: TvWishList

    isn't it a good idea to include this plugin into the 4therecord plugin? so you could use the IMbot to add new wishes?

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