TV Server probs on fresh Vista 32bit install!! (1 Viewer)


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March 21, 2009
Is anyone able to help me here???

Previously had x64bit Vista HP and had managed to get MP 1.0 running (with alot of stress) but gave up due to the flickering overlays.

Did a fresh format and Vista 32bit HP install but cant get the TV Server working properly.

I have followed the 1.0.1 work around:

1. Install .Net 3.5 Framework
2. Run TV Server in Admin mode.

I did a simple one click installation choosing the default settings.

But still cant seem to get TV Service working. The problem is that when the config screen comes up I dont see a Server name and dont see any TV cards that I can configure. Once I did manage to uninstall the TV Server then re-install and managed to get the Server details to show but no card other than the FM Card.

I have a Hauppauge 2200 which worked fine on the old 64bit install.

I have attached a couple of logs if anyone is able to help before I jsut give up on it????

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