TV service needs to be restarted after each "preview" in TV server config (and in mp) (1 Viewer)


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March 15, 2009
TV-Server Version: 1.0
MediaPortal Version: 1.0
MediaPortal Skin: Blue wide
Windows Version: XP
CPU Type: AMD Athlon X2, 2.1Ghz
HDD: 500Gb WD, 500Gb Samsung
Memory: 2Gb
Motherboard: Asus a2m-vm
Video Card: on board (x1200 series afaik)
Video Card Driver: Catalyst 9.1
Sound Card: on board, Realtec HD
Sound Card AC3:
Sound Card Driver:
1. TV Card: Technisat Skystar HD2
1. TV Card Type: DVB-S/S2
1. TV Card Driver: BDA mantis driver from technisat
MPEG2 Video Codec: ffdshow,ati,nero8
MPEG2 Audio Codec: ffdshow,ati,nero8
h.264 Video Codec: ffdshow,ati,coreavc
Satelite/CableTV Provider: Hotbird 13E, Eurasiasat 42E satellites
HTPC Case: Antec 180p
Power Supply: bequiet modu 82+ 425W
Remote: T35 (technisat one)
TV: pc monitor with 1600x1200 resolution
TV - HTPC Connection: DVI

In TV server config:
After previewing a channel, If I don't restart tvservice, I get "cannot start graph" error if I try to preview other channel. If I restart the tv service it can preview (one) channel agen.

In MP:
After switching to "bad" channels (scrambled, or scrambled video, or no video) I get "cannot start graph" error. Which is again gone if I restart the service. Switching between "normal" channels works fine.

DVBViewer technisat edition and DVB Dream have no problem switching between channels, including "bad" ones.

Thank you in advance,

Could not find any post on the subject using forum search. Sorry if I have missed one.


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June 27, 2007
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Same thing here, and there are a few posts on the forum which suggest the same problem, no reply so far.
It seems to happen really only on SkyStar2 HD cards, after a "TwinHan DiSEqC cmd:4 0 0 0 E0 10 38 FE 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 failed 0x8007001F" in TV server log, after that it's always "Waiting for PMT" and it reaches the timeout asking to increase the default value of 10s, which of course does not solve anything.
I used on the same software/hardware setup of MP a SkyStar2 (not HD) before upgrading to the HD version, never ever had such a problem, was working flawlessly for more then 5-6 months, it was not using the BDA driver, the new HD one is using the BDA driver, maybe this is the prob., don't know really.

BTW, my signal/quality is ~90/90 (in some posts someone suggested that low signal/quality could cause probs.) and the same hardware setup works like a dream in DVBViewer and DVBDream.

Anyway, I would really like to get some feedback from some MP developer or someone more technical, I myself am a developer and did debug MP in a few instances already (and submitted patches once), could someone at least tell me where and to what to take a look ?

Thnx in advance,

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