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March 3, 2005
Ive got a center that works great for everything else, music, videos, everything, but i've always had a problem with TV.
I'm using a AIW 9800, which i know is not supported for timeshift or even recording very well, but it DOES show the channels when I selecte them. However, the channels are shifted vertically, so i see the seams and the pictures are cut in half and looped at the top and btm of the screen. Also it is horrible reception (i am using antenna) which is odd, because my tv and VCR are plugged into the same antenna (a splitter box).

So my questions are, is there some sort of option i can choose to fix the tearing? There are so many TV options I have no clue what they do and didnt know if it was a simple software fix. Or is it bad HW, I didnt want to drop the money on a new card and just have the same problem.

Second, are tv tuner cards inferior to vcr / tv for "pulling down" antenna signal? Should my card get worse reception then my tv when connected to the same unmoved source?



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  • April 27, 2004
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    this does not sound like tearing. Anyway, tearing should be turned of with:

    - Check "Use Exclusive DirectX Mode"

    It more sounds like wrong "TV standard" setting:

    Setup->Television->TV Channels->Edit->Analog
    - TV Standard (PAL / NTSC - depends on your country)


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