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I have been using Mediaportal for some time now, liking it very much and in the future (when it's stable) i want to use it mainly for the tv function.

There are a few features i would like / could be usefull:

1) I have been using wintv2000 with my pvr250 until now and there are some features I like about it:

- It has the possibility to open a TV window which is size adjustable while keeping proportions and
- you can toggle always on top mode

So while working on your pc you can watch tv at the same time.

Perhaps some command line parameter could open mediaportal tv directly in a window?

Also i am watching tv mainly on my computer screen because the image is much better than on my tv (via svideo out).
But when I hit alt-enter and x the tv window stays at a fixed size with black bars surrounding it (monitor resolution 1028x768)
Is it possible to make this truly fullscreen?

2) I would like to have mouse right click menu's:
for many Windows users it is almost a reflex to click the right menu button.
It could be usefull for example in an adjustable tv window:
Right click option to
-Change channels
-go to mediaportal
-exit, etc.

I don't know anything about programming and even have trouble configuring Mediaportal sometimes, so please excuse any dumb remarks :?

Thank you for this fine application

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