[Rejected] [TVE3] Adding HW PIDs filtering for SkyStar2 cards family (mandatory for SkyStar-S2)

Rara Avis

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April 9, 2009

Problem: TechniSat SkyStar S2 (aka SS2 ver 3.3, DVB-S2 capable) shows black screen with channels from most DVB-S2 transponders in MediaPortal.
Reason: Inability of SS-S2 to handle full TS from high bandwith DVB-S2 transponders (most of them) due to perfomance limitations.
Solution: implementation of hardware PID filtering of SkyStar2 family in MediaPortal.
Pros: less work for TS analyzer/writer -> stability, balm for unhappy SS-S2 owners :)
Cons: TechniSat techsupport/marketing are far, far away from satisfactory -> no will to support their products :( But it is possible to help those customers who already made this mistake...

This card (assuming WDM drivers) is detected by TVServer3, scans transponders (DVB-S2 too), founds channels. Nothing unusial - this is "DVB-S2 enabled" SkyStar2, unified WDM drivers (4.5.0 and up) are handling all DVB-S2 specific: no need for application to switch explicitly to 8PSK. The same SDK, even VEN_ID and DEV_ID. Good backward compatibility.

But with MP the screen is black on most DVB-S2 transponders. Timeshift buffer shows mass discontinuity errors. Studying this problem I found out that SS-S2 can not process full TS from most DVB-S2 transponders due to performance limitations. Using hardware pids filtering can eliminate this problem.

Currently HW PID filtering approach for SkyStar 2 family is almost done but commented out.
It's high time to start using it.



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  • April 4, 2006
    I just rejected this patch for several reasons:
    - The patch effects all users of the SS2 family, even if they don't need it. The number of PIDs that can be used with hardware filtering is limited. The result could be that people with multiple clients can now watch less channels on the same transponder than before.
    - Officially we only support Skystar-2, Cablestar-2 and Airstar-2 with the WDM drivers and not the Skystar S2.
    - The implementation is not very clean, which is also related to the existing code base.


    But we will consider hardware pid filtering for those cards in MP2.



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    December 6, 2008
    Re: [TVE3] Adding HW PIDs filtering for SkyStar2 cards family (mandatory for SkyStar-

    Hi, Rara Avis! Please upload TVlibrary.dll for final release 1.1... Much Thanks
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