TVEngine3 Snapshot: 12-29-2007 01-08h Revision 16764 (1 Viewer)


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March 26, 2007
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General Infos:

Please visit our Wiki-Guide before you try out this engine.
We also provide some tutorial videos which show how to install and configure the TV-Server and TV-Client.

MediaPortal TVEngine3 Capabilities:

- seperate front/backend
- supports multiple frontends
- supports multiple backends (master/slave servers)
- analog/atsc/dvb-c/dvb-s/dvb-t support
- recording to mpeg-2 program stream (.mpg)
- mpeg-2 transport stream timeshifting
- multi tuner support of course
- epg / mhw grabbing right from the DVB stream
- network streaming via rtsp
- teletext grabbing

- ci / cam support for firedtv, twinhan and technotrend
- placeshifting
- TV Movie Clickfinder EPG import

MediaPortal TVEngine3 Requirements:

- latest MediaPortal SVN-Build Wiki-Guide --> Download
- Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition ---> Download
- additional (but recommened) SQL Server Management Studio Express ---> Download


Worlds greatest bot!
March 26, 2007
Germany Germany
Changelog since last snapshot:

WebEPG 28/12/2007 [08:19:44] _James added: added replace for Char 146 with '
WebEPG 28/12/2007 [08:20:16] _James added: Fixed parsing data after last tag
WebEPG 28/12/2007 [08:20:27] _James added: Fixed parsing data before first Z tag
tvplugin 28/12/2007 [22:12:55] gibman2 added: dvb radio working again (in single seat, multiseat still broken).

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This thread is open to everyone to provide feedback for this particular snapshot.
If you found or confirm a bug please still open a single thread with full details in the Bugsection


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December 7, 2006
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since a few snapshoots mp is nearly unusable for me. even with this snapshoot only music and weather works.
can´t start tv and dvb-s radio is not working....
log attached....


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June 1, 2007
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Still No Recording

Hi, i still can't record using a technotrend S-3200 just creates a zero byte file. Anyone else with a S-3200 with this issue?


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June 16, 2007
Germany Germany
What I found is that all the latest SVNs have the problem that when watching live TV or recorded TV you have occasional hiccups, meaning that picture freezes for a few moments and then continues while audio is not interrupted (about two or three times per hour). On recorded TV you can also verify that this is in the recorded stream and is not a playback problem so I would assume this is a TSWriter problem. I switched back to SVN16553 which does not have this problem. You can watch TV for hours without a single hiccup.



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  • June 3, 2006
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    I would love to hear from the devs.. whats going on guys ?? Are we going backwards ?

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