TVEngine3 Snapshot: 12-30-2007 01-08h Revision 16781


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March 26, 2007
General Infos:

Please visit our Wiki-Guide before you try out this engine.
We also provide some tutorial videos which show how to install and configure the TV-Server and TV-Client.

MediaPortal TVEngine3 Capabilities:

- seperate front/backend
- supports multiple frontends
- supports multiple backends (master/slave servers)
- analog/atsc/dvb-c/dvb-s/dvb-t support
- recording to mpeg-2 program stream (.mpg)
- mpeg-2 transport stream timeshifting
- multi tuner support of course
- epg / mhw grabbing right from the DVB stream
- network streaming via rtsp
- teletext grabbing

- ci / cam support for firedtv, twinhan and technotrend
- placeshifting
- TV Movie Clickfinder EPG import

MediaPortal TVEngine3 Requirements:

- latest MediaPortal SVN-Build Wiki-Guide --> Download
- Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition ---> Download
- additional (but recommened) SQL Server Management Studio Express ---> Download


Worlds greatest bot!
March 26, 2007
Changelog since last snapshot:

tvplugin 29/12/2007 [19:20:27] gibman2 added: checks if playback of recorded TV has reached the end and stops it (navigating back to recorded TV home).
tvplugin 29/12/2007 [19:20:32] gibman2 added: going from lastFm to fullscreen TV didnt work properly.
tvplugin 29/12/2007 [19:20:37] gibman2 added: sometimes when going from fullscreen playback of recorded TV and back to recorded TV Home, it would tune last viewed TV channel.
WebEPG 29/12/2007 [19:26:41] ronilse added: Fixed fredag_dagbladet_no.xml after code change. Reconfiguration needed
mediaportal 29/12/2007 [21:48:26] gibman2 added: possible fixed a problem where MP would lock up with "vmr9: no input pin x found" when changing channel in tvplugin.

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This thread is open to everyone to provide feedback for this particular snapshot.
If you found or confirm a bug please still open a single thread with full details in the Bugsection


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October 17, 2006
Sorry - Same problems exist for me

Just tested this SVN and still have the problems trying to start MyTV with BBC1/BBC2 as initial channels. Trys and fails to choose the correct codec.

Starting with Five/Channel 4 uses correct codec and changeing channel to BBC1/BBC2 works and continues to use correct codec.

Attached 2 sets of logs;

MediaPortalLogs-Five-to-bbc2 - Start MP with Five as deafult channel and switch to BBC2, all ok - exit MP

MediaPortalLogs-Strart-on-bbc2 - restart MP and start MyTV (BBC2 now default) - MP locks and has to be killed via Task Manager.

Did notice that the setupplugin.exe is dated the 26th Dec, though the change log indicates workwas done on this on the 29th??




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July 31, 2007
I have the same like trevor with the German ZDF Channel.

DVB-S Radioin Multiseat doesnt work. I still waiting for a long time that i can use it again.


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October 2, 2007
also mp freeze in another situation

May be the same problem.
If I view certain channels (especially ZDF) and then switch TV off, keep MP open (untouched), wait a time between 15min and a couple of hours, then try to switch TV on:
Result: MP freezes
In this situation TVService cannot be stopped by service control manager, only killed with task manager.
Once TVService is killed, MP responds with a message (Timeshift cannot be started, connection to TVServer lost).
So the freeze of MP is caused by a 'wait for answer loop).

I reported ZDF issues here (there also my equipment details):

I happens the same way on two completely different PCs.
In one situation I have seen TVService consuming more than 500MB RAM but this is not always the case.
Also the wait time is very different. At least if MP is open (idle) over night then the next morning the problem is always there.

After restart of TVService it works again (may need several restarts until high band works also).
Details for that issue here:



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August 14, 2007
I can confirm this behavior to with svn 16619 as it is the last one that works. If I close mp and leave it for about 30 mins I will not work unless you restart the service

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