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December 28, 2005
Area: Media Portal Program : Tvguide
MP Version: 2.0RC2 SVS as of 28/12
Skin: Project X
Windows Version: XP SP2 most hotfixes
CPU Type: Intel 3.06ghz
Memory: 1gb
Motherboard Chipset: D845
Video Card: X800pro ATI / ASUS
Video Card Driver: 8.203-051211a-029124C-ATI
Video Card Resolution: 1024x768
Video Render Type: VMR9
Video Codec Type & Version: FFDshow
Audio Codec Type & Version: MP3
TV Card: Compro DVB-T300
TV Card Type: hardware
TV Card Driver: 1.3.124
Optional Log: Couldn't locate anything specific
Optional References: attached below


Weird one. I looked throuroughly though the boards and most peoples issues seem to be related to misspelt names or otherwise. I have checked mine several times but am unable to get this to work.

Simply, anything that has been programmed manually (in my case foxtel data) accepts the TVguide.xml content properly as designed.
All channels (other than 1) that have been imported from Autotune do not seem to accept the TVguide info.

Failing entry extract from channellist.xml
- <section name="9">
<entry name="INDEX">9</entry>
<entry name="Scrambled">no</entry>
<entry name="ID">78</entry>
<entry name="Number">1328</entry>
<entry name="Name">7 Digital</entry>
<entry name="Country">-1</entry>
<entry name="External">no</entry>
<entry name="External Tuner Channel" />
<entry name="Frequency">0.000</entry>
<entry name="Analog Standard Index">None</entry>
<entry name="Visible in Guide">yes</entry>
<entry name="DVBTFreq">177625</entry>
<entry name="DVBTONID">4115</entry>
<entry name="DVBTTSID">1283</entry>
<entry name="DVBTSID">1328</entry>
<entry name="DVBTProvider">Seven Network</entry>

Entry as located in tvguide.xml that should work with the same entry above
- <channel id="Seven-Mel">
<display-name>7 Digital</display-name>
- <programme channel="Seven-Mel" start="20051228060000" stop="20051228063000">
<sub-title>The Sniper</sub-title>
<desc>A lone sniper has the 4077th pinned down - including Radar and Henry in the shower.</desc>
- <credits>
<director>Jackie Cooper</director>
<actor>Alan Alda</actor>
<actor>Teri Garr</actor>
<actor>McLean Stevenson</actor>
<actor>Gary Burghoff</actor>
<actor>Wayne Rogers</actor>
<actor>Loretta Swit</actor>
- <rating>

As compared to a working analog entry:

Cannelist.xml extract
- <section name="5">
<entry name="INDEX">5</entry>
<entry name="Scrambled">no</entry>
<entry name="ID">21</entry>
<entry name="Number">250000</entry>
<entry name="Name">The Comedy Channel</entry>
<entry name="Country">-1</entry>
<entry name="External">yes</entry>
<entry name="External Tuner Channel">120</entry>
<entry name="Frequency">0.000</entry>
<entry name="Analog Standard Index">PAL_B</entry>
<entry name="Visible in Guide">yes</entry>

Tvguide.xml working entry extract
- <channel id="CMDY">
<display-name>The Comedy Channel</display-name>
- <programme channel="CMDY" start="20051227213000" stop="20051227223000">
<title>World's Funniest</title>
<desc>The best of the worldwide bloopers.</desc>
- <rating>

As you can see the names identified in both files are identical for both entrys yet only the latter pair work. I simply don't get it.

Am I just doing something wrong?


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December 28, 2005
Thanks for the reply, However as the files attached above show, the names are the same so that's still not it. I should explain the Chanlist.xml is the backup file for the channels I have setup. The names in here are the channel names in my setup.

Is there another step i'm missing when setting up autoscan channels under RC2?


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December 28, 2005
Still having troubles with this so i'll shorten my question to this. Does MP use the display name of the channel as in the Channel.xml or does it use the channelid field?

I have the display name the same for all my other working channels and even gone through and copy and pasted the channel name from cannels.xml into my downloader to make 100% sure the names are the same to no avail. Only on these auto tuned channels.

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