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October 4, 2005

Thought this is somewhat off-topic since this isn't just about the MP...

I'm having a really rough time with my two Twinhan 2021 DVB-C cards, single or dual installed. Normally after some use the card dies so badly that I have to disconnect power from computer to get it back working. All there is is the ! mark in device manager (cannot start, error 10) and because of that MP config obviously fails.
I've tried lot of different drivers but result is always the same, cards dies in middle of the show -> cold booting next 5minutes.
I have two of those cards, bought them because I wanted to use them in MP but it's impossible to get both started up properly at a same time. Alone they have been working almost fineif I don't count the stuttering in every 10 seconds or so...
Today I finally got pissed enough to reinstall XP again and now I cant get any of the drivers even installed. :( There is always that same error in device manager no matter which card I have installed in the mb.

Some info about the pc:
AMD x2 3800+, Epox EP-9NDA3I nforce3 250 mb, Samsung 200Gb PATA hd, Geforce4 ti4200 (or Radeon 9600se) display adapter, usb keyboard and mouse. All com, lpt and sata ports are disabled in bios. Patched via windows update+ those 3 patches in tips&tricks forum.

If you have any idea why all this is happening please tell me, I'm getting desperate...


About the MP versions, I've tried 0.13 and 0.2 with various cvs builds slammed over it without any help. In fact, latest builds are screwing up the MP so badly it wont even start the tv anymore... ;)

Sorry about typos, english isn't my first language and I'm really tired. Good night! :D


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September 18, 2005
In the general Manual for all Twinhan card it says that two twinhan card with bt878 chip cant work on the same computer....

the fault can also be a IRQ problem...



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October 4, 2005
That's for the two cards with the wdm drivers, with BDA drivers dual configuration does work. Well, almost anyway. I have had them working together for some time.. :) Also look at this thread:
Anyway, this problem of mine is the same with one or two cards installed. Just more booting with two cards.. :(

Finally got it back working after wiping the disk and reinstall WinXP+countless driver installations and reboots. Only difference in this setup compared to previous installations is fat32-partition for xp and now the ! -mark in device manager is gone even if the card is down. Strange...

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