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July 16, 2004
Recently purchased the Twinhan dvb-t mini and a bigger hdd to convert my PC into a pvr, but found that the Twinhan and visionplus software didn't quite cut it. I spent several weeks looking through different programs, some of which use the existing drivers, but I was never able to get all the tv stations in Australia.
I have a friend who has the full height version, he has just used the default software and it works fine for him. I'm using the frequencies he has given me, but am still missing SBS, ABC, poor reception on Ten.
Installed media portal 0.1.2, installed BDA drivers, put in the updated xml for the Twinhan card, yet it wont pick up any channels on an auto-tune, and when i setup the card it says it cannot build the graph.
Does anyone know how to get this card working with media portal?
I really just need to record and playback digital tv.

Specs: VIA mini-itx m/b with eden c3 1ghz cpu, 256mb of ram, 120 gb hdd 7200rpm 8mb cache, twinhan dvb-t mini capture card

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