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January 24, 2009
ok i have a twinhan atsc hybrid usb 2.0 tv stick 7240. I have been trying to use MP . but I dont have the slightest idea were to start. I tried looking for my particular tv tuner in the options sectiopn but i didn't find it.
could some please help me!!!!!! :confused:


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  • November 25, 2008
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    I've no experience with atsc adapters but presume they would be same as DVB-T from installation point of view. Are you using the MP TV-Server configuration? It has no problem in automatically recognising most (if not all) BDA supporting adapters.

    Have you installed the twinhan drivers? If not, plug the stick in and wait for windows to recognise it – cancel windows offer to search for drivers and go ahead and install the drivers from the twinhan support cd or later ones you’ve downloaded from twinhan website.

    If you then start the TV-Server Configuration app and look under “TV Servers” you should see your adapter (or adapters, if it is dual) listed there.

    When you select the adapter you want, a window opens up to enable you to start scanning for channels etc. You’ll find plenty of further info on setting up epg, etc. in the MP TV-Server Wiki.

    Hope this is helpful

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