Twinhan VisionDTV Mini Cab Modell 2021 - big problems (1 Viewer)


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October 19, 2005

I showed the list for supportet TV-Cards here and for DVB-C are not so much available, so i tuck the Twinhan VisionDTV Mini Cab Modell 2021.

Now i have that card here, but i doesn´t works correct.

Under the TwinhanDTV Software the channel scan found nothing. If i put the MHz and Symbolrate manualy in, then I found some of my normaly DVB-C channels (TV-Stations).

On signal strength there is always the 48 %. I read that this is at many people so, with such card.

O.K. the TwinhanDTV software is not so important for me, because I want to use Media Portal an bought the card for this.

Only with the newest BDA Drivers the card is found correctly. I tried the last 4 Drivers, but the other 3 found a DVB-S card wich couldn´t be correct.

If i tried "Autotune", there is the known "graph-failiure-message". If i hit the "Autotune" then again, there will be the scan, but it is finding nothing. Signal strength is always at 0 %.

It tried some different tv cabels, but the cabele is o.k. I had years the pvr 350 on it, and this worked fine.

I showed too in the configfiles and there are the correct Symbolrates and MHz from my local cable provider. I use Media Portal 1.3.0 and copied the actual CVS files (25.10.05) about it. (I tried it before without that)

Someone have a idea for me. I don´t know what i should do anymore. So i must send the card back and try another. But i thought that this card ist working how it stands in the list.


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