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March 8, 2005
United Kingdom

Yes it can be done! Its easier than you might think. There are a number of different ways of showing these channels. Firstly the picture or should I say pictures will be the same for each channel as the video is split into 3 parts on one screen with 3 separate audio channels.

Thanks to Chris Day our 'Super Moderator' at the UK Hauppauge Forums for the original idea.

BBC Parliament:
1. Open Media Portal Setup/Configuration (older versions)
2. Click on 'Television'
3. Open up the menu & select 'TV channels'
4. Scroll down the channels & select BBC Parliament
5. Click 'Edit'. At top of properties select 'DVB-T'
6. Change these numbers:
Audio PID = 403 Video PID = 202
7. Click 'OK'.
You're done! You have BBC Parliament with audio & video

This method allows you to change the audio by right clicking your mouse or selecting 'info' button with your remote then select 'Audio Language'. It means you can change channel without actually changing. You may also want to rename '703' to 'BBC Newscreens'

1. Follow steps 1 to 4. except select '703'
2. Click 'Edit'. At top of Properties select 'DVB-T'
3. Change these numbers.

Audio = 404 Video = 202
AudioPID1 = 404 AudioPID2 = 405
Audio1: = BBC Newscreen 1 Audio2: = BBC Newscreen 2
4. Click 'OK'

Newscreens as separate channels
1. Follow steps 1-4 except select '703'
2. Click 'Edit'. At top of Properties select 'DVB-T'
3. Change these numbers:
Audio = 404 Video = 202
4. Click 'OK'
You may want to rename '703' to 'BBC Newscreen 1'

Now the hard part. We've run out of channels so we'll have to create a new one.
1. Follow steps 1-3.
2. Click on 'Add'
3. In the 'Name' field type: BBC Newscreen 2
4. In the 'Channel' field type 19583.At top of Properties select 'DVB-T'
5. Enter all this info into the empty fields:
Network ID:9018
Service ID:19584
Transport ID:16384
Carrier Frequency:802166
Provider: BBC
Audio PID: 405
Video PID: 202
Teletext PID: 0
PMT: 712
Audio PID1: 0
Audio PID2: 0
Audio PID3: 0
AC3 PID: 0
6. Click 'OK'

We're almost done. The new channel will only show up if 'All Channels' is selected so we have a couple of changes to make.

1. Follow steps 1-3. At top of 'TV Channels' select 'TV cards'
2. In the 'Available TV Channels' you will see the new channel 'BBC Newsscreen 2'. Move this over to 'Assigned TV Channels'.
3. Click on 'TV Channel Groups'. At the top click 'Map Channels'
4. Select 'Unscrambled'
5. You will see 'BBC' at the top left hand pane. Open the menu. Click on 'BBC Newscreen 2' & put it in the 'TV Channels in Group' pane. Now BBC Newscreen 2 will appear in the 'Unscrambled' group aswell as 'All Channels'

Thats it we're done!

You could if you wanted just have BBC Parliament with a choice 3 different audio streams. :)


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  • February 2, 2005
    Thankyou .

    Missed this as the post was edited .

    Excellent info with easy to understand steps for all DVB UK users.


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  • February 2, 2005
    Has anyone else noticed that editing the DVB-t details in the config doesn't work anymore with any 0.2.x.x version including svn

    As soon as you run MP and select the channel the changes are wiped from the database and have no affect.

    The changes are saved because reopening the config after changes have been made shows they are still there in tthe correct fileds.

    This is a shame and nothing shows in the logs to indicate a problem.

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